December 08, 2019

Top 20 Oracle Cloud Interview Questions & Answers

Ques: 1. What are the database related public cloud offerings in oracle cloud?


Oracle public cloud offering comes with three database related services in the public cloud. They are as follows:

a) Schema as a Service (SAAS).

b) Database as a service (DAAS)– Also known as DBaaS, this public cloud is offered as both Infrastructure as a service IAAS and Platform as a Service PAAS.

c) Oracle database cloud Ex-Data service.


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Ques: 2. How will you provision an oracle database?


As an oracle cloud dba, we collect requirements from customers and create it as per given requirements. In case your project needs a clone of production database immediately for testing and UAT purpose. for example, it can be done as per standard specification requirements often based on a template.


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Ques: 3. Why should I choose oracle cloud over others, as there are many different cloud services available in market?


Oracle cloud offers database as a service. Oracle database is the popular relational database company that has been in existence so long. With oracle databases supporting enterprise databases, this is a cloud service that can support databases that are used for testing, development, all the way up to live production databases. Oracle cloud offers high availability, scalability options offering business continuity, time save and lot more advantages. A cloud service from a database company to keep it simple.


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Ques: 4. what database management services are included in oracle cloud platform as service offering?


Following database management services are included as part of Oracle cloud platform as a service PAAS: 

  • Database
  • Database backup 
  • Big Data
  • Big Data Cloud 
  • Event Hub 
  • MySQL 
  • Autonomous NoSQL Database Cloud 
  • Data hub
  • Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud.


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Ques: 5. Where can you store your oracle database backup in oracle cloud?


Oracle cloud objects storage solution that is reliable and scalable. As of information from oracle website this is a 8000TB storage that is used for storing and accessing the data in databases that are ever growing. This is storage used for storing oracle database backup data.

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Ques: 6. What are the unique features of oracle cloud database backup management offering?


This is a reliable and scalable object data storage from oracle cloud. Some unique features includes:

  • Security – This solution comes with enterprise-grade data protection policies. The privacy policies are in enterprise grade as well. Oracle being the most popular enterprise database solution this cloud offerings from oracle are designed. 
  • Reliability – Redundancy policies ensure high availability of data. 
  • Scalability – Oracle cloud is a pay as you go model solution wherein you can choose to purchase universal credits, BYOL etc. Based on capacity and growing demands storage hardware is allocated making this a scalable solution. 
  • Simplification by using existing RMAN for backups – Even with cloud oracle is still making use of RMAN backup for performing the database backups. This makes backup, restore and recovery operations transparent using RMAN.


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Ques: 7. What is the difference between normal database and Oracle database cloud service?


Oracle database cloud service is same as single-instance oracle database except for that database is deployed in cloud and computing resources including storage, power etc is provided by Oracle.


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Ques: 8. What are the two service levels available with oracle database cloud service?


Oracle Database Cloud Service Virtual image wherein customer is responsible for installing software, maintenance of software. Customer has root privilege and full database administrative privilege.

Oracle Database Cloud Service wherein database deployment is easy using custom options provided online. Oracle database cloud service can perform automated backups. Customer is responsible for setting up maintenance operations, recovery operation setup in the event of failure.

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Ques: 9. Which component of Oracle cloud provides service console and REST API?


Platform Service Manager the PSM component of Oracle cloud is responsible for this. This component is the one used in Oracle golden gate and Oracle Java cloud service as well.


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Ques: 10. How does PSM interact with compute nodes to perform predefined cloud service actions like backup, patching?


PSM uses secure shell the SSH in port 22 of compute nodes. Compute nodes hosts databases which as database deployments in oracle cloud terms. These cations can be initiated over web service console that uses PSM or REST API.


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Ques: 11. How will you achieve high availability in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?


Attach block volume from availability domain 1 to a compute instance in availability domain 2 or vice versa. Distribute application servers across all availability domains within a region.

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Ques: 12. What are the components of backend set of a load balancer?



a) Load balancing policy
b) list of backend servers
c) health check policy
d) SSL handling
e) session persistence configuration

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Ques: 13. What are the many different database deployment model available with oracle cloud?


Following are the many different types of database deployment models that come as part of oracle cloud:

  • Oracle database cloud service. 
  • Oracle database cloud service bare metal. 
  • Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service. 
  • Oracle Database Exadata Cloud at Customer. 
  • Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service – Managed. 
  • Oracle Database Schema Cloud Service – Managed.


Ques: 14. How can I try oracle cloud for free?


Oracle cloud offers $300 in free credits. You can make use of this credit for building your test, development, production databases, compute options, containers, IoT, bigdata, API, chatbots, integrations and lots more that are valid for 30 days. Create a free account and try these features for free.


Ques: 15. How is internal communication between PSM and Oracle cloud compute nodes established?


SSH key-value pairs are used for this communication in port 22. This key value pair is specific to each database deployment and used for internal communication purposes. This SSH is internal to Oracle and not accessible. If there is an issue here PSM communication with compute node fails.


Ques: 16. Who has access to the SSH keys used for PSM communication with compute nodes?


Only owner of that project has this access. For security purposes even oracle support and operations are not granted this access unless explicitly shared by customers for troubleshooting purposes.


Ques: 17. Give some invalid REST API operations for DNS Zone in OCI:


The below REST API operations are invalid in OCI:

a) ListZones.
b) GetZone.
c) CreateZone.
d) UpdateZone.
e) DeleteZone.


Ques: 18. In TCP level health check you send requests to the backend servers at a specific URL. How will you validate the response?


a). based on status code.
b). based on entity data returned.
c). based on entity body returned.

Ques: 19. What load balancer components that are mandatory backend set components?


a). Load balancing policy.
b). List of backend servers.
c). Health check policy.
d). TCP handling.

Ques: 20. What configurations must be made for the process of designing a load balancer to accept incoming traffic?


a). Listener must be configured.
b). A certificate must be available.
c). A security list that is open on a listener port must be available.

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