May 13, 2022

Top 20 AWS Control Tower Interview Questions and Answers


                Cloud setup and governance can be complicated and time consuming if you have several AWS accounts and teams, slowing down the very innovation you're hoping to accelerate. AWS Control Tower is the simplest way to create and manage a landing zone, which is a secure, multi-account AWS environment. It constructs your landing zone using AWS Organizations, providing continuous account management and governance as well as best practises for cloud implementation based on AWS's expertise working with hundreds of clients. Builders can create new AWS accounts with a few clicks, and you can rest easy knowing that your accounts are compliant with business regulations. Extend governance to new or existing accounts and easily see how they're doing in terms of compliance.

AWS(Amazon Web Services) Interview Questions and Answers

If you're setting up a new AWS environment, starting your AWS journey, or launching a new cloud venture, AWS Control Tower's built-in governance and best practices will help you get up and running quickly.

AWS Cloud Interview Questions and Answers

Ques. 1): AWS Control Tower should be used by whom?


Use AWS Control Tower to setup or administer your multi-account AWS environment using best practises. It provides prescriptive recommendations for scaling your AWS infrastructure. It allows you to have more control over your surroundings without sacrificing the speed and agility that AWS offers to builders. If you're setting up a new AWS environment, starting your AWS journey, launching a new cloud endeavour, or if you already have a multi-account AWS environment but want a solution with built-in blueprints and guardrails, you'll benefit.

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Ques. 2): What are the features of AWS Control Tower?


With best-practices blueprints that setup AWS Organizations for a multi-account structure, AWS Control Tower automates the creation of a landing zone.

  • AWS SSO Directory can be used to manage identities.
  • AWS Single Sign-On can be used to offer federated access (AWS SSO).
  • Using AWS CloudTrail and AWS Config, construct a central log archive.
  • AWS SSO enables security audits across accounts.
  • Using Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, create network configurations (Amazon VPC)
  • Using AWS Service Catalog and associated Control Tower solutions, define the workflows for provisioning accounts.
  • AWS Control Tower provides "guardrails" for continuing AWS environment governance.
  • Guardrails provide governance controls by prohibiting non-conforming resources from being deployed or identifying non-conforming provisioned resources.
  • To establish a baseline, AWS Control Tower uses numerous building pieces such as AWS CloudFormation to automatically implement guardrails.
  • AWS Organizations uses service control policies (SCPs) to prevent configuration changes and AWS Config rules to identify non-conformance on a continuous basis.

AWS Control Tower provides a dashboard for monitoring your multi-account setup in real time. You have access to supplied accounts across your whole enterprise. Dashboards provide you reports on the detective and preventative guardrails you've set up on your accounts, as well as the status of resources that don't follow the policies you've set up using guardrails.

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Ques. 3): What exactly is the AWS Control Tower?


AWS Control Tower is the simplest method to set up and manage a secure AWS environment with multiple accounts. It creates a landing zone based on best-practice blueprints and allows for governance through the use of guardrails from a pre-packaged list. The landing zone is a multi-account, well-architected baseline that adheres to AWS best practises. Guardrails are standards that control security, compliance, and operations.

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Ques. 4): Can I meet my data residency requirements with AWS Control Tower?


To assist with data residency, AWS Control Tower provides a set of preventive and investigative guardrails. Data residency allows you to choose where your customer content is hosted. It lets you pick whether it's hosted across various areas or in a single location.

Data residency may be required for working in a cloud environment if you work in a regulated field like finance, government, or healthcare. It can also assist you meet your company's data management needs in general.

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Ques. 5): What is the right way to grant access to config logs? what is the solution for config logs since there is no point on having logs if nobody can access them?


To provide access to your third-party application, you'll need to amend the bucket policy. As you mentioned, AWS Control Tower Guardrail prevents updates to bucket policies, so you'll need to log into the Organization Management account first, then switch to the AWSControlTowerExecution role in the Logging account using the Switch Role capability from the drop down menu under your login in the upper right. You will be able to edit the bucket policy in the Logging account using that role.

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Ques. 6): What are the benefits of AWS Control Tower?



  • Set up and setup your AWS environment quickly: With just a few clicks, automate the setup of your multi-account AWS environment. You can use blueprints to configure AWS security and management services to regulate your environment, which are AWS best practises. Identity management and federated access blueprints, as well as centralised logging, cross-account security audits, network architecture, and account provisioning routines, are all available. 
  • Maintain policy enforcement: Control Tower provides both mandatory and optional high-level rules to either enforce or detect policy infractions utilising service controls or Config Rules. As you create new accounts or make changes to existing accounts, these rules will always be in force, and Control Tower will offer a summary assessment of how each account complies with your policies. 
  • Visualize your Amazon Web Services ecosystem: Control Tower includes an integrated dashboard that gives you a high-level overview of your AWS setup and centralises all of your account information. You can also see how many accounts have been provisioned, how many policies have been enabled across your accounts, and how compliant those accounts are.

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Ques. 7): What is the relationship between AWS Control Tower and AWS Organizations?


On top of AWS Organizations, AWS Control Tower provides an abstracted, automated, and prescriptive interface. It uses AWS Organizations as the underlying AWS service to group accounts and use service management policies to establish preventive guardrails (SCPs). You may also construct and attach custom SCPs to AWS Organizations to centrally govern the use of AWS services and resources across many AWS accounts.

You can also use AWS Control Tower to create a landing zone with new or existing organisational units (OUs) and accounts using your current AWS Organizations management account. AWS Control Tower creates new OUs and accounts that are added to your existing Organization's structure and billing. Existing accounts handled in Organizations can be individually or via script enrolled in new OUs created with AWS Control Tower.

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Ques. 8): What is the relationship between AWS Control Tower and AWS Service Catalog?


AWS Control Tower automatically configures AWS Service Catalog as the underlying AWS service to allow for account factory provisioning. While AWS Control Tower provides account-level administration, AWS Service Catalog can enable granular governance at the resource level. AWS Service Catalog also allows you to provision infrastructure and application stacks for use within your accounts that have been pre-approved by IT.

AWS Cloud Security Interview Questions and Answers

Ques. 9): The Control Tower attempted to launch in eu-west-1 but was unsuccessful. Because the customer has disabled STS for all regions except eu-west-1 and global (in IAM) (us-east-1). Additionally, the us-east-2 and us-west-2 areas must be activated. When the customer is not using these areas, why does he need to enable us-east-2 and us-west-2 for Control Tower? Is there any connection between Control Tower and these areas?


Guard rails are being installed in these four zones by the control tower. When you look at the Cloudformation StackSets in the CT payer account, such as AWSControlTowerBP-BASELINE-CONFIG, you may see this. Every managed account in these four locations has a stack instance in this StackSet.

If STS is disabled in these regions then CloudFormation cannot assume the right role to deploy the template and therefore your account deployment / baselining will fail.

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Ques. 10): Can I use AWS Control Tower to manage my infrastructure?


AWS Control Tower assists you in setting up a multi-account AWS environment using best practises, but you are still in charge of day-to-day operations and ensuring compliance. Consider a qualified MSP partner or AWS Managed Services if you need support managing regulated infrastructure in the cloud (AMS). AMS is best suited for businesses that need to quickly migrate regulated workloads to the cloud but lack the necessary AWS skillsets for compliant operations, or for businesses that want to keep AWS talent focused on application migration and modernization rather than the undifferentiated heavy lifting of infrastructure operations.

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Ques. 11): What AWS Control Tower tools can assist me in personalising my accounts?


Changes for AWS Control Tower and Account Factory for Terraform are two new AWS Control Tower solutions that allow you to simply apply customizations to your AWS Control Tower accounts using an AWS CloudFormation template and SCPs or Terraform. Accounts come with all of the normal AWS Control Tower governance features, but you can customise them to match any additional standard procedures or criteria you need.

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Ques. 12): Can I use AWS Control Tower with my existing directory?


AWS Control Tower creates a native default directory for AWS SSO. After you've set up the landing zone, you may connect AWS SSO to a supported directory like AWS Managed Microsoft AD.

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Ques. 13): What is the price of an AWS Control Tower?


The use of AWS Control Tower is free of charge. You only pay for AWS Control Tower-enabled AWS services like AWS Service Catalog and AWS CloudTrail. You must also pay for AWS Config rules, which are guardrails set up by AWS Control Tower.

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Ques. 14): What distinguishes AWS Control Tower from AWS Security Hub?


AWS Control Tower and AWS Security Hub are two services that work together. Security teams, compliance professionals, and DevOps engineers utilise AWS Security Hub to monitor and enhance the security posture of their AWS accounts and resources on a continual basis. AWS Security Hub performs security best practise checks against the AWS Foundational Security Best Practices standard as well as other industry and regulatory standards, in addition to aggregating security findings and enabling automated remediation. Cloud administrators and architects use AWS Control Tower to set up and manage a secure, multi-account AWS environment based on AWS best practices.

AWS Control Tower uses guardrails, which are essential and strongly recommended high-level rules that assist enforce your policies using SCPs and identify policy violations using AWS Config rules. AWS Control Tower also ensures that your default account configurations comply with the AWS Foundational Security Best Practices published by AWS Security Hub. The preventive guardrails in AWS Control Tower should be used in conjunction with the security best practise controls in AWS Security Hub, since they are mutually reinforcing and assist ensure that your accounts and resources are secure.

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Ques. 15): What is the Control Tower Python 3.6 lambdas upgrade path? Is there any way to remedy these difficulties before CT breaks in a few months, according to AWS?


Because the AWS Control Tower service has a notification Lambda Function that uses Python version 3.6, which is scheduled for deprecation in July 2022, you are receiving this communication. Prior to its deprecation in July, a new version of the Control Tower notification Lambda will be released. We'll keep you updated on the updates and any actions we need you to take via the Control Tower management interface on a regular basis. We are aware that certain Control Tower clients have received multiple emails addressing the Python 3.6 Lambda function deprecation, and we regret for any confusion this has created. We're working with the Lambda team to keep future notifications to a minimum.

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Ques. 16): Is AWS Control Tower accessible via an API?


No. All necessary procedures can be performed using AWS Control Tower via the AWS Management Console.

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Ques. 17): What is the relationship between AWS Control Tower and AWS Systems Manager?


AWS Control Tower can be used to set up and manage your AWS environment, and AWS Systems Manager can be used to manage its day-to-day operations. AWS Systems Manager gives you a consistent user interface for viewing operational data from numerous AWS services and automating operational operations across all of your AWS resources. You can organise resources (such Amazon EC2 instances, Amazon S3 buckets, or Amazon RDS instances) by application, examine operational data for monitoring and troubleshooting, and take action on your groups of resources using Systems Manager.

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Ques. 18): What distinguishes AWS Control Tower from the AWS Landing Zone solution?


AWS Control Tower is an AWS native service that provides a pre-defined set of blueprints and guardrails to assist you in creating an AWS account landing zone. AWS Landing Zone is an AWS offering that enables a fully customised, customer-managed landing zone installation through AWS Solution Architect, Professional Services, or AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners. To build a foundational AWS environment based on best-practices blueprints executed through AWS Service Catalog, you can use either AWS Control Tower or the Landing Zone solution. AWS Control Tower is a self-service setup tool with an interactive user interface for continuing governance and guardrails.

While AWS Control Tower automates the creation of a new landing zone using predefined blueprints (e.g., AWS SSO for directory and access), the AWS Landing Zone solution offers a configurable setup of a landing zone with rich customization options via custom add-ons (such as Active Directory- or Okta Directory) and ongoing modifications via a code deployment and configuration pipeline.

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Ques. 19): Is it possible to use AWS Control Tower to comply with industry compliance standards (such as HIPAA, PCI, SOC-1, and SOC-2)?


AWS Control Tower's typical guardrails are not designed to meet regulatory compliance criteria (such as HIPAA, PCI, SOC-1, or SOC-2). Control Tower guardrails are a set of AWS best-practices regulations for regulating your AWS environment, such as requiring account activity to be logged using AWS CloudTrail and disallowing configuration modifications to log archiving. Control Tower will continue to introduce more features over time, such as custom guardrails, to assist you in implementing policies that support regulatory compliance using the AWS shared security architecture.

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