Role played by AWS Cloud in the growth of industries


            AWS provides the proven capability to satisfy your specific business demands for scale, operations, security, and compliance, with millions of active customers and applications.

AWS offers a comprehensive set of services and solutions for developing and deploying sophisticated and scalable applications that improve business outcomes. Running your apps on the AWS Cloud can help you move quicker, operate more securely, and save money, all while taking advantage of the cloud's agility, scale, and speed.


1. Advertising & Marketing Technology on AWS

Customers can rethink first-party data platforms, data sharing, advertising platforms, advertising intelligence, and customer experience in the post-identifier age with unrivalled cloud capabilities and partner prospects.

Companies have to reimagine how they gather, exchange, enrich, and activate customer data in order to comply with privacy rules after the deprecation of consumer identifiers and the development of data privacy legislation upset decades-old technologies for advertising and marketing. With unmatched compute, machine learning, and analytics capabilities—along with interoperability with the largest community of partners on the most widely adopted cloud—AWS enables industry customers to reinvent first-party data platforms, third-party data sharing, advertising platforms, advertising intelligence, and customer experience in the post-identifier era. With AWS, advertising and marketing technology workloads running at millisecond latency and petabyte scale may easily identify the proper cloud technology and partnership options to innovate quicker, optimise cost-performance, increase interoperability, and grow revenue.

·         Advertising and marketing technology firms can reimagine first-party data platforms, data sharing, advertising science, and customer experience in the post-identifier age faster with AWS' largest computation, analytics, and machine learning capabilities.

·         The unrivalled breadth of AWS infrastructure capabilities creates more opportunities to optimise costs on scaled advertising and marketing technology workloads than anywhere else. With the fastest processors in the cloud, the largest global network footprint, and more sizes and types of compute than any other cloud provider,

·         With tens of thousands of data lakes running on Amazon S3 today and the largest partner community of any cloud provider, marketers, publishers, agencies, advertising, and marketing technology businesses may more easily collaborate to join, activate, monitor, and analyse shared data.


2. Automotive

AWS supports the automotive industry's digital transformation by offering the most comprehensive collection of purpose-built cloud technologies, unrivalled experience, and the largest partner and developer community.

·         You can modernize the automotive and transportation value chain at any point with AWS. From product and service innovation to strong operations and enterprise-wide efficiency, AWS provides solutions that help organizations bring creative and distinctive goods and services to market faster and more cost effectively.

·         AWS offers the broadest range of automotive-specific services and solutions, including software-defined vehicles, connected mobility, autonomous mobility, digital consumer engagement, manufacturing, supply chain, and product engineering.

·         AWS supports the sector's digital transformation by providing the most comprehensive set of AI/ML, IoT, HPC, and data lakes capabilities, as well as a global network of Amazon and AWS Partners with deep industry knowledge.


3. Consumer Packaged Goods

With proven, industry-specific technologies and solutions from AWS, you can create brands that people love, boost organisational agility to respond to market possibilities, and improve operational efficiency.

To keep up with changing consumer needs and increased competition, CPG firms must reinvent how they design, manufacture, move, and advertise their products. With AWS, you can concentrate on expanding your market share, delighting your customers, and increasing brand loyalty rather than creating or maintaining the infrastructure required to do so.

·         AWS provides the same cloud capabilities that pioneered and honed over 25 years to build consumer trust by creating an integrated view of the customer, personalising every encounter, ensuring the right products are accessible, and unifying the shopping experience.

·         AWS enables CPG firms to extract crucial business insights from petabytes of data utilising unrivalled compute capabilities, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) to identify opportunities and hazards in real time. More than 100,000 customers utilise AWS services to accelerate decision-making across the value chain today.

·         AWS empowers CPG companies to drive digital transformation across the organization to reduce costs while innovating key enterprise applications. AWS helps CPG companies modernize and move IT infrastructure to the cloud; connect disparate data sources to take advantage of automation, AI, and ML; and innovate new applications without putting critical systems at risk.


4. AWS Cloud Computing for Education

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is working with the whole education community, including students, teachers, administrators, and researchers, to accelerate the digital revolution of education. AWS is used by over 14,000 educational institutions of all sizes, from elementary and secondary schools to colleges and universities, to provide flexible, cost-effective IT solutions that support their core mission and meet their most significant institutional needs. AWS Cloud assisting everyone to have access to education that is always available, personal, and lifelong. This meeting brings together state and local government officials, as well as educators. Take away inspiration, new contacts, and ideas from thought-provoking workshops, leadership roundtables, and networking opportunities.

Amazon Web Services Increasing the access to education with computer games:

·         Colleges and universities

·         Research

·         Lifelong learning

·         Public and private schools

·         School districts

·         State departments and ministries

·         Education technologies

·         Startups

·         Enterprise software

·         Support student and staff success

With the AWS Cloud, you can personalise student learning experiences, access applications from anywhere, and improve learning results. Provide secure access to desktops and apps from any device, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To get a comprehensive view of student performance and unearth insights, share data effortlessly across platforms. Pearson and South Washington County Schools have partnered to provide 900+ students with remote STEM study. Districts, institutions, and education technology (EdTech) and digital learning enterprises can ramp up their capacity at a fraction of the cost by scaling up and down as traffic changes. Pay-as-you-go pricing allows you to scale capacity as needed while lowering costs. It's simple to add or remove IT resources, and they're available in minutes.

Use strong techniques like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and speech recognition to improve your learning. 98 security standards and compliance certificates are supported.


5. AWS Energy

AWS is transforming, innovating, and accelerating the businesses of major firms across the energy value chain.

Come learn about how businesses are reinventing the energy industry and the innovations that can help you enhance performance, accelerate innovation, transform the customer experience, increase safety, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Together, we're speeding up the energy transition with today's and tomorrow's practical innovations that deliver energy efficiently, reliably, sustainably, and ethically. AWS delivers the most modern and secure cloud services to the energy, utilities, and sustainable energy industries, as well as significant industry expertise. AWS helps energy executives to cloudify their organisations to increase performance, accelerate innovation, alter the customer experience, maximise safety, and reduce their carbon footprint by using the largest energy partner ecosystem.

·         AWS Changes the way you work with energy:

Realize your ambitions for innovation. Manage even the most demanding, high-performance systems more efficiently and effectively while lowering on-premises expenditures. AWS offers scalable, cost-effective computation and storage capacity for many types of sophisticated energy operations, such as demand response and distributed energy forecasting.

·         Proven Solutions and Partners to Help You Innovate

AWS provides you with a development platform as well as a worldwide partner network to help you quickly develop and launch innovative new apps. Spend less time establishing your IT infrastructure and more time delivering outstanding experiences with it.

·         Increase the speed with which you can innovate and scale your business. Rapidly

Maintain a culture of continual innovation. Apply the most comprehensive service options and technologies to safely translate huge data volumes into timely, actionable insights, including analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Internet of Things (IoT) services.

·         Access the Breadth and Expertise of Amazon

Access Amazon's Depth and Experience Rely on the AWS Core infrastructure, which was built to fulfil the world's most demanding security requirements—and informed by expertise entrenched in the energy sector's particular security, regulatory, and compliance demands.


6. Financial Services

AWS provides financial services institutions across banking, payments, capital markets, and insurance the secure, resilient global cloud infrastructure and services they need to differentiate themselves today and adapt to the needs of tomorrow. Through continuous innovation, AWS delivers the most stringent security requirements in the world, the greatest breadth and depth of services, deep industry expertise, and an expansive partner network. Building on AWS empowers organizations to modernize their infrastructure, meet rapidly changing customer behaviors and expectations, and drive business growth. To accelerate your organization's path to successful cloud adoption, read more about AWS Cloud Adoption Framework.

Optimize critical aspects of banking operations – from customer service delivery models to risk management – to build a foundation for innovation and growth.

·         Payments

AWS was built for the most security-sensitive enterprises and applications, with integrated audit friendly service features for PCI and other compliance standards.

·         Capital Markets

AWS enables organizations to innovate and transform to move faster, better service customers, and increase shareholder value.

·         Insurance

Enable an agile infrastructure to optimize and innovate your business, deepen customer relationships, and improve risk profiles with AWS.

Engage partners for new products and capabilities. Build with confidence on the most secure, compliant, resilient cloud. Industry regulators enforce strict rules about data privacy and reporting. Ensure data integrity with the most secure infrastructure. Meet data residency requirements by Availability Zone. Connect directly to financial services experts.


7. The Trusted Cloud for Government

Government agencies frequently promote new technology in the hopes of reducing costs and increasing efficiency, but it doesn't stop there. For citizens, corporations, and economies, the second and third-tier consequences of technology can be long-lasting. The internal shift that most public organisations experience as a first advantage of cloud adoption is detailed in our whitepaper, 5 Ways the Cloud Can Drive Economic Development.

Across all classification levels: Unclassified, Sensitive, Secret, and Top Secret, AWS is delivering a high-availability cloud solution with the security and reliability governments require.

With over 7,500 federal organisations utilising AWS, we know how important it is for US government agencies to strike a balance between cost and agility while maintaining security, compliance, and reliability. We've always been among the first to address government compliance issues with cloud computing, and we've regularly assisted our customers with procurement and policy issues linked to cloud adoption. AWS delivers commercial cloud capability across all security levels: Unclassified, Sensitive, Secret, and Top Secret, allowing missions to be completed with a single set of tools, a continuous supply of the most up-to-date technology, and the flexibility to scale up and down with the mission.

The Department of Defense (DoD) Big Data Platform (BDP) is a fully accredited government-owned platform that runs at petabyte size in the AWS GovCloud (US) Region and is used for storing, querying, and analysing cyber data.

When calling your member of Congress, hearing "this voicemail box is full" on the other end of the line should not deter constituents from speaking up. For a long time, the United States Congress has struggled with this issue, which has resulted in not only a challenge in community involvement, but also constant hassles for Congressional employees.

The AWS Institute has issued a briefing paper that shows how cities are utilising technology to improve inhabitants' access to services and quality of life. Leaders must ensure that urban infrastructure and services can support expansion and that no one is left behind as cities become home to the majority of the world's population.

·         U.S. Federal Government

Across the federal government, mission workloads for scientific, security, and citizen services agencies are hosted on AWS.

·         U.S. Department of Defense

AWS is chosen by the world's most demanding customers because it provides a full platform that meets stringent security and regulatory requirements.

·         Intelligence Community

Through greater security, increased mission impact, and cost savings, AWS proudly supports the specific needs of the US Intelligence Community.

·         State and Local Governments

AWS offers advantages such as flexible and cost-effective cloud infrastructure for citizen services, justice and public safety, transportation, and health care, among other things.

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