June 08, 2022

Top 20 AWS Data Exchange Interview Questions and Answers



        Finding, subscribing to, and using third-party data in the cloud is simple using AWS Data Exchange. Reuters, which curates data from over 2.2 million unique news stories per year in multiple languages; Change Healthcare, which processes and anonymizes more than 14 billion healthcare transactions and $1 trillion in claims annually; Dun & Bradstreet, which maintains a database of more than 330 million global business records; and Foursquare, which derives location data from 220 million unique consumers.

AWS(Amazon Web Services) Interview Questions and Answers

Ques. 1): AWS Data Exchange is accessible in which AWS Regions?


AWS Data Exchange features a single global product catalogue that suppliers may access from any AWS Region that is supported. Regardless of the Region you're in, you'll see the same catalogue. The product's resources (data sets, revisions, and assets) are regional resources that you may manage programmatically or via the AWS Data Exchange UI in certain AWS Regions.  

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Ques. 2): What rules do I have to follow as an AWS Data Exchange for APIs provider?


Providers of API-enabled goods must reply to subscriber support requests within one business day, according to the AWS Data Exchange User Guide, in addition to obeying the Terms and Conditions for AWS Marketplace Sellers and the AWS Customer Agreement. If you don't follow the rules, your product may be withdrawn from AWS Data Exchange.

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Ques. 3): What are the most common AWS Data Exchange users?


AWS Data Exchange allows AWS customers to securely exchange and access data from other parties on AWS. Nearly every sector, including data analysts, product managers, portfolio managers, data scientists, quants, clinical trial technicians, and developers, would like more data to drive analytics, train machine learning (ML) models, and make data-driven choices. However, there is no single location where numerous providers' data can be found, and there is no uniformity in how providers send data, leaving them to cope with a variety of supplied physical media, FTP credentials, and custom API queries. Many businesses, on the other hand, would want to make their data available for research or commercial reasons, but building and maintaining data delivery, entitlement, and payment infrastructure is too difficult and expensive, further reducing the availability of important data.

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Ques. 4): How will AWS manage sales and use tax collection and remittances in the United States?


You can allow the collection and payment of US sales and use tax when listing your data sets. You may also set up your tax nexus to account for locations where you have a physical presence and have AWS collect the relevant taxes for you. It's a good idea to go over the AWS Marketplace Terms and Conditions for US Tax Collection Support.  

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Ques. 5): What is AWS Data Exchange for APIs and how does it work?


Customers may utilise AWS Data Exchange for APIs to identify, subscribe to, and use third-party API products from AWS Data Exchange providers. Customers may use AWS Data Exchange for APIs to perform API calls using AWS-native authentication and governance, standardised API documentation, and supported AWS SDKs. Data providers may now access millions of AWS customers that consume API-based data and manage subscriber identification, entitlement, and invoicing more effectively by adding their APIs to the AWS Data Exchange catalogue.

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Ques. 6): What if I need to delete information from AWS Data Exchange?


A product's pricing or Data Subscription Agreement (DSA) can be changed or removed at any time, but existing subscriptions will continue until their next renewal. If a data source publishes data that is incorrectly released, you can create a support case to have the data removed.

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Ques. 7): Is it possible for data providers to amend the conditions of the service to which I have subscribed? What impact would this have on my membership and renewal?


Yes. Data providers can change the conditions of the offer at any moment, but existing subscriptions will not be affected. AWS Data Exchange will automatically renew subscriptions set to auto-renew at the latest terms given by the provider on or by the renewal date, which may differ from the original subscription terms.

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Ques. 8): Is there a limit to the type of data that may be made public on AWS Data Exchange?


Yes. Certain types of data are restricted by publishing rules for selling items on AWS Data Exchange and Terms & Conditions for AWS Marketplace Providers. Except for information that is already legally available to the public, such as newspaper articles, open court records, public company filings, or public online profiles, data products listed on AWS Data Exchange may not include information that can be used to identify any person unless a provider is enrolled in the Extended Provider Program.

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Ques. 9): On AWS Data Exchange, what kind of data can I subscribe to?


AWS Data Exchange now has over 3,000 data products from a variety of industries, including financial services (for example, top US businesses by revenue), healthcare and life sciences (for example, population health management), geospatial (for example, satellite imagery), weather (for example, historical and future temperature trajectories), and mapping (for example, street level imagery and foot traffic patterns). Go to the AWS Data Exchange catalogue for a comprehensive list of data suppliers. Customers can register requests for additional data sources not presently accessible on AWS Data Exchange here.

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Ques. 10): Who owns the data I'm sharing using AWS Data Exchange as a provider?


As an AWS Data Exchange data provider, you maintain control of the data you provide. Each data provider must confirm that they have the legal authority to disseminate the data they publish under the AWS Marketplace Providers Terms and Conditions. Before receiving access to data sets contained in a product, subscribers must legally agree to the Data Subscription Agreement given by the data provider, which stays available for both data providers and subscribers. Where there is evidence of misuse, AWS Data Exchange may advise remedial action in accordance with the AWS acceptable use policy, but it is the data provider's obligation to enforce and administer the conditions of use.

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Ques. 11): When using AWS Data Exchange solutions, how can I stay compliant with applicable data privacy laws?


AWS, the data supplier, and the user all share responsibility for security and compliance. The Terms and Conditions for AWS Marketplace Providers, which every data supplier must agree to before listing any data products, provide detailed constraints surrounding qualifying data sets and other associated legal compliance issues. If AWS discovers that these rules have been violated in any manner, the material will be removed from AWS Data Exchange, and the data provider may be removed from the service.

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Ques. 12): Is it necessary for me to package my files in a certain format?


You may package files in any file type using AWS Data Exchange, but you should think about what would make it easiest for subscribers to understand the data. Subscribers will be able to conduct queries using Amazon Athena in a cost-effective manner utilising parquet prepared data, for example. Subscribers will need to understand how to interpret binary or other proprietary file formats, which AWS advises addressing in each product description.

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Ques. 13): What is the procedure for making an API call?


First, make sure you've subscribed to a product that includes an API data collection. Then go to the asset detail page for the product to see API schemas and code snippets to assist you arrange your API call. You may also use the AWS SDK to have your API calls automatically signed with your AWS credentials.  

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Ques. 14): In AWS Data Exchange, how is data organised?


AWS Data Exchange organises data into three categories: data sets, modifications, and assets. A data set is a collection of data that is meant to be used together (for example, end of data pricing for equities trading in the US). Revisions to data sets are published when needed by data suppliers to make new assets available. Changes or new data (for example, today's end-of-day pricing), corrections to earlier revisions, or whole new snapshots can all be represented via revisions. Any file that may be saved in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is considered an asset.  

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Ques. 15): What are the requirements for becoming an AWS Data Exchange data provider?


To join AWS Data Exchange, data suppliers must agree to the AWS Marketplace Providers Terms and Conditions ("AWS Marketplace Terms & Conditions"). Data suppliers must utilise a legal corporation based in the United States or a European Union member state, present proper banking and taxation identity, and be approved by the AWS Data Exchange business operations team. Before being granted authorization to advertise data items in the catalogue, each data supplier will be subjected to a thorough evaluation by the AWS Data Exchange team.

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Ques. 16): What is the Data Subscription Agreement (DSA) and how can I specify it?


AWS Data Exchange offers a Data Subscription Agreement (DSA) form that may be customised to include input from different AWS customers and data sources. You can use this DSA template, copy and alter it with their own terms and conditions, or upload their own DSA to express specific terms. Without any additional alterations, AWS Data Exchange will associate the DSA given for the product.

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Ques. 17): How can I report abusive content or request that information from a product suspected of being abused be removed?


You can fill out and submit the form on Report Amazon AWS Abuse if you feel that a data product or AWS Data Exchange resources are being exploited for abusive or unlawful reasons. If AWS discovers that our conditions have been violated in any manner, the subscriber's access to the data product may be revoked, and the data source or subscriber may be barred from using AWS Data Exchange in the future.

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Ques. 18): How can I publish and make data sets available to my subscribers after I've created them?


As part of a product, data sets are made available to subscribers. A product is a set of one or more data sets, as well as information that makes the product discoverable in the AWS Data Exchange catalogue, price, and a Data Subscription Agreement that includes terms for your customers.

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Ques. 19): Are there any limitations to the usage of AWS Data Exchange and any data collected through AWS Data Exchange?


Yes, AWS expressly forbids using AWS Data Exchange for any unlawful or fraudulent purposes. Data may not be utilised in any way that violates an individual's rights or discriminates illegally against others based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other similar groupings. Subscribers may not construct, derive, or infer any information pertaining to a person's identity from material acquired through AWS Data Exchange that has been anonymized or aggregated (so that it is no longer connected with an identifiable individual) by the data provider (for example, attempting to triangulate with other data sources).

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Ques. 20): What is the procedure for refunds?


Data suppliers are required by AWS Data Exchange to indicate their refund policy, which can be seen on the subscription information page. You must contact the supplier directly for any refund claims. AWS will process and provide the approved refund if a provider authorizes the request.

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